Cheekbone Filling

Cheekbone Filling

The “golden ratio” is an important guide in the relationship of the facial regions with each other. Elmacık region is one of the regions that play a key role in catching the “golden ratio”. The ideal volume of the cheekbones contributes to a sharp jaw line and gives the face a “V” shape. Over time, the face changes from an inverted triangle to a straight triangle. In some people, this condition can also be congenital. With time, the skin elasticity decreases, the fat pads melt and slide down with the effect of gravity, and the volume of the cheekbone and midface decreases. These losses can be restored with filling applications.

Cheekbone Filling

Faces with prominent cheekbones have a more vigorous appearance at first glance. Because the zygomatic and mid-face area is almost like the roof of the face. In people with a lack of volume in these areas, the under-eye area and the lines of the nose edge, namely the nasolabial lines, appear deep. Filling applications are the most common method we use today to eliminate the loss of volume in these regions. Quick application, fast results and immediate return to social life are the advantages of this application.

Cheekbone Highlighting

The most commonly used method for clarification of the cheekbone is filling applications or fat injection from the person’s own body to the area. Filling applications give 1-3 years results depending on the character of the applied filling. In addition, as the filling applications are repeated, the mentioned periods get longer. In oil injection applications, 30% of the applied oil volume is permanent. People with ideal cheekbone volume have attractive facial features. The cheekbone area plays a key role, as it is the region that supports areas such as under the eyes, the edge of the nose, and the jaw line.

In faces with loss of volume in the midface and cheekbones, the need in these areas should be met before making an intervention for under-eye and nose-line lines.

Chin augmentation or chin reduction surgery is preferred according to the appearance that the person needs.

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