Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is one of the most effective treatments used today. It is the latest method used in skin rejuvenation treatment.

As the skin ages, aging and wear occur in cells called fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. Young stem cells are produced from old cells taken with stem cell therapy, and these young stem cells are reintroduced into the area where they should be. Just as these young stem cells produce on a young skin, young stem cells are rapidly produced in the area where they are given; a lively, fresh and youthful skin emerges.

Stem cells obtained from plants under laboratory conditions are used in stem cell therapy. The stem cells used during this treatment are the same for each patient. It is not a personalized application. However, effective stem cell therapy is taken from the person’s own body and structured.

In stem cell treatment, a piece of lentil-sized skin taken from the back of the ear or forearm is taken to a special breeding environment and kept there for about 3 weeks. It takes an average of 3-4 weeks to produce young skin stem cells from aged skin stem cells. The stem cells produced come in a special liquid. These produced stem cells can be applied to all areas of skin aging, including the face, upper arms, neck, décolleté, arms and legs. 3 sessions are held with an interval of one month.

Anyone whose skin starts to age can have stem cell therapy. However, we usually prefer people who are suitable for stem cell therapy if they have had other treatments and have not benefited or have very worn skin. We usually apply it to those who are old or have real wear on their skin. Although how long the stem cell treatment will be effective depends on the condition of the skin and age of the person, the benefit of the skin care products used should not be ignored. Average duration of action is 2 years. Skin aging can be minimized with intermittent maintenance sessions (usually once a year).

Anyone can have stem cell therapy, including those with diabetes, cancer and hepatitis. However, we recommend that diabetics postpone the treatment session, especially when blood sugar is very high in terms of infection. Stem cell therapy cannot be performed only in some special skin diseases.

In stem cell therapy, only one’s own cells are produced. The aim of skin rejuvenation methods is to take the skin age back by an average of 5 years. However, with stem cell therapy, the skin becomes younger by an average of 10 years.

Skin aging occurs later in men, but when it does, significant sagging and wrinkles occur. The main collapse of the skin in women occurs during and after menopause. Stem cell therapy is recommended during these periods.

Stem cell therapy is a doctor’s practice. It is an effective and reliable method when applied by doctors trained in this subject. It should be noted that the laboratories where the cells used are produced are authorized.

In recent years, we have been treating hair loss, which we have encountered frequently in recent years, with hair stem cells.

In conclusion, stem cell therapy is an effective and trouble-free option. As a result of stem cell therapy, a significant reduction in wrinkles and a brighter and tighter skin are obtained. Its effect lasts much longer than other methods. However, it should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

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