Dermaroller-Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen Treatment

In Dermapen treatment, micro-channels are opened vertically on the skin with multiple needles. Thanks to 90-degree needling, much less epidermal damage occurs, and it is much safer for the person to be treated. Thanks to the automatic and vibrating needling technique, Dermapen reduces the occurrence of pain and increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the amount of absorption of the products. Thanks to the possibility of combined applications with Dermapen, we can achieve more effective results than non-ablative treatments such as Fractional Laser Therapy, IPL and Chemical Peeling.

The dermapen treatment system, which is produced based on the principle of creating damage to the skin in a controlled manner, is one of the most frequently used skin rejuvenation systems in recent times. Dermapen system can be used in combination with all skin treatment drugs, vitamins and prp. Thanks to this feature, the Dermapen system, which ensures that the drug, vitamin and prp process applied from our own blood is absorbed by the skin to a large extent, maximizes the effectiveness of all the solutions used and stands out as an extremely attractive treatment method with these features.

What is Skin Rejuvenation with Dermapen?

Before the Dermapen application, the make-up residues on the skin are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Thanks to the ultra-thin micro needles (0.02 mm) of the Dermapen device that enter and exit the skin rapidly, microscopic channels are opened on the skin surface, triggering the healing mechanisms of the skin. The Dermapen process takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes. During this time, we can talk about the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are indispensable for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and increased blood circulation.

What are the Areas of Effect of Dermapen?

  • Treatment of acne and its scars.
  • Reduction of enlarged pores.
  • Treatment of sun damaged skin.
  • In the treatment of hair loss and baldness.
  • In the use of problems experienced in and around the eyes (such as bruises and bags).
  • For slight wrinkles and sagging in the neck area and decollete areas.
  • In the treatment of striae (Fissures formed).
  • Treatment of fine lines and lightening of deep wrinkles.
  • Scar (Poor wound healing) treatments.
  • In wart treatment.

How Effective Is Dermaroller?

During the treatment, while the rollers are moving around the skin area, the needles open hundreds of micro-channels in the upper skin. When an area is passed 15 times, on average, 250 to 500 holes are drilled per cm. Micro channels formed by micro needles are perceived by the skin as if there is a wound. The release of growth factors that occur in the natural wound healing process of the skin and the synthesis of collagen and elastic fiber are triggered. As a result, a fresher and more elastic tissue is formed in that area.

How are Dermapen and Dermoroller Applied?

In the skin rejuvenation process, an anesthetic cream is applied before the clinical applications of the dermaroller. It is passed straight, vertically and diagonally about 15 to 20 times in the treatment area. During the treatment, very small spots of bleeding can be seen. Skin rejuvenating lotions and creams can be applied during and after the procedure. Micro-needles increase the penetration of products such as cream, lotion, serum, applied to the skin, into the lower layers of the skin approximately 200 times. The effectiveness of the process can be increased when used with products that stimulate growth and factor, peptides, antioxidants and vitamins, by enabling the skin to regenerate.

Dermapen Treatment Process

Dermapen skin resurfacing treatment process shows positive effects in a very short time compared to many different applications. After a 30-minute treatment process, you can clearly observe the results on your skin in a short time. The application stages are a treatment method that requires extreme care. It can be easily applied to areas with tissue loss or different problems in any part of the body. Tissue development in the skin area where the Dermapen treatment method is applied begins quickly and is completed in a short time. The treatment method is also known as a treatment method that can be applied to every skin without distinguishing between men and women.

After the completion of the treatment process, the healing process takes a very short time. This is one of the features that makes the treatment method the most attractive.

What is PRP Application?

PRP is the abbreviation of the treatment method called Platelet Rich Plasma- platelet-enriched plasma application. In this application, a very small amount of blood taken from the person is centrifuged by putting it in a special tube, and then the small amount of platelet-enriched plasma (PRP) obtained is the process of giving back to the person by injection or dermaroller in the same way.

What is the Purpose of PRP Application with Dermapen?

Platelets are blood components that contain the growth factors necessary to repair damaged tissues in our body and return them to their natural state.

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