Face-Neck-Decolletage Mesotherapy

What is Mesolifting or Facial Mesotherapy?

It is a mesotherapy that can be applied to wrinkles that have emerged with the effect of years and sun damage, as well as to protect the well-being of the skin that has not yet been damaged.

In which areas can mesolifting be applied other than the face?

Mesolifting is applied to all body parts that have been damaged by environmental factors in the genetic infrastructure or are likely to suffer, especially the neck, décolleté, hands, except the face.

Which active ingredients are used in mesolifting?

The specialist physician determines the needs of the person and determines the drug or drug mixtures to be used in mesolifting and facial mesotherapy. Substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, salmon DNA, DMAE are used in mesolifting. While antioxidants fight oxidative stress in the tissue, vitamins and minerals play a role in strengthening the structure, amino acids play a role in the formation of protein chains, salmon DNA and DMAE play a role in increasing the tissue’s collagen reserve. Hyaluronic acid is a tissue building block that increases the moisture holding capacity of the skin.

How is Mesolifting Applied?

Mesolifting or facial mesotherapy is applied by injecting the mixture prepared according to the person in small amounts with thin, small needles.

Is Mesolifting Application Painful?

Mesolifting or facial mesotherapy is painless by applying local anesthetic creams to the application area and waiting for 15-30 minutes before the application.

When Does Mesolifting Effect Start?

The vitamin and mineral content of mesolifting or facial mesotherapy manifests itself as a decrease in the stress of the skin from the first application. Hyaluronic acid immediately increases the water holding capacity of a dry skin and makes it look more moist and healthy, but the tissue-structuring and collagen-stimulating effect is expected to occur in the tissue for a longer time.

How Many Sessions of Mesolifting or Facial Mesotherapy Should Be Applied?

Although the number of mesolifting or facial mesotherapy sessions is determined according to the tissue to be applied, it is an average of 4-6 sessions to be applied at 7-15 day intervals. Adding follow-up sessions afterward will increase effectiveness.

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