Nose Filling

Nose Filling

One of the most popular areas in the field of non-surgical aesthetic procedures is the nose. Nasal filling application is a popular nose shaping procedure as non-surgical rhinoplasty. If the nose has a certain level of disproportionate appearance due to various reasons, or for patients who are suitable for minimal adjustments after aesthetic nose surgery, nasal filling is performed.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Application

While nasal filling gives very good results for some noses, some noses are not suitable for filling. If the person expects reduction in nasal volume and improvement in respiratory congestion, the treatment of these complaints should be surgical. It is not possible to completely change the shape of the nose without any surgery, and it is not a realistic expectation. Fillers in the nose area; It is an effective method if there is a slight elevation on the ridge of the nose, if there is a depression between the ridge of the nose and the forehead, if there is a depression between the ridge of the nose and the tip of the nose, if there are irregularities on the ridge of the nose after a previous nose surgery or if the tip of the nose is lower than the desired angle. Irregularities on the back of the nose and low nasal tip can be removed with filling. If there is a slight downward drooping at the tip of the nose, especially when talking and laughing, additional nose application can be made.

Sometimes a small amount of local anesthetic supplementation may be required, in addition to the numbing cream applied to the nose area, for a painless procedure in the non-surgical nose correction nose filling application. The nose is shaped as planned. For this, the filler is injected into the required areas by means of injectors with tiny needles. It can also be added in small doses depending on the situation. After the application, it is sufficient to make a complex with ice for only 5-10 minutes.

Nose Filling Process Time

Having an aesthetic nose with nasal filling is not an application that requires a long time. Nasal filling, which is performed as a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, takes only 15-20 minutes. During the first 2 days, there may be redness and swelling. With the regression of edema and the settling of the shape, the desired appearance is achieved within 3-4 days. Control can be done at the end of 2 weeks and the result is permanent for about 12 months. Nasal filling is a method that many people apply because it is an easy procedure, the application takes a short time and is painless. Nose correction with filling is an easy and repetitive facial aesthetic application.

It should be known that non-surgical rhinoplasty, Istanbul nose filling prices will vary according to the doctor performing the procedure, the clinic where the procedure will take place, and the size of the procedure to be performed. You can send your questions to our forms or numbers to get information about nasal filling and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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