Face Lift with Silhouette Soft

Face Lift with Silhouette Soft

The fact that time is becoming more and more valuable in daily life, which is rapidly accelerating, has increased the interest in “minimally invasive” techniques that cause less tissue damage, less risk and return to normal life as soon as possible in ermatological surgery as in all branches.

With the “Silhouette suture system”, the effects of the method are significantly permanent compared to previous techniques, thanks to the cones placed on the suspension sutures at regular intervals and melting in the tissue over time. As long as the appropriate technique is used in Silhouette system applications, the stitches and cones are not noticeable from the outside.

Types of Silhouette Stitching System

1 – Silhouette Lift

In the Silhouette lift suture suspension technique, the threads are placed under the skin by passing through an incision made in the scalp in the temple area. With the Silhouette lift, sagging on the face, cheeks and neck areas can be treated in a very short time, such as 45-60 minutes, under local anesthesia. The most important advantages are that the patients can return to their normal lives 2 days after the procedure, as well as the complete disappearance of the effects of the intervention within 2 weeks and the emergence of natural and soft facial features. Although the effects on the tissues are permanent for up to 2-4 years, personal factors play an important role in the permanence of the results of the procedure, as normal aging processes also continue. In this system, which consists of melting cones and non-melting threads, the suspension can be applied again by using the existing threads on the facial skin, following the reduction of the effect.

2 – Silhouette Soft

The double-sided placement of the cones on the threads, which have the ability to adhere to the subcutaneous tissues, allows the application of silhouette Soft stitches to the skin through needle holes opened directly on the skin without any incision. Silhouette soft threads can be placed in as little as 15-20 minutes with local anesthesia applied to the operation area, and patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

The silhouette Soft stitches, which provide volume increase and skin tightening on the face and neck, can also be used for eyebrow lifting and shaping.

One of the important advantages of this system is that it stimulates new collagen synthesis by stimulating the mechanisms that provide regeneration in the tissue during the melting of the cones and suture material in Silhouette Soft sutures.

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