Treatment for Skin Cracks

Why Does Skin Crack Occur?

Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Generally, cracks in the skin occur as a result of intense and continuous stretching in the lower tissues of the skin, due to weight gain in different parts of the body. Stretching of the skin triggers the emergence of chemical substances from some cells in the skin. As a result, collagen and elastic fibers in the lower skin are damaged.

When does skin crack appear? It can occur in the abdomen and breasts of pregnant women, on the shoulders of bodybuilders, in suddenly developing body parts in adolescence and in those who are overweight. In addition, skin cracks develop in Cushing’s disease, which causes long-term use of cortisone by mouth or by application and excess cortisone production in the body.

Who Causes Skin Cracks Most?

Skin cracks are more common in women. Skin cracks can be seen in 90% of pregnant women, 70% of young girls in adolescence, and 40% of young men who do sports, especially in adolescence. Skin cracking mostly affects adolescents, pregnant women and those with overworked adrenal glands. How do skin cracks appear? Early skin cracking appears as a pink, itchy, streak-like bump on the skin. Over time, the skin crack turns white and becomes sunken from the skin. It can be of various lengths and 1-10 mm wide. Some cracks lighten over time and may disappear.

Which Area of ​​the Body is Most Affected in Skin Cracking?

In pregnant women, the abdomen and breasts are affected. During puberty, the armpits, thighs, and coccyx are affected in boys, and the hips and breasts in girls. However, it can be seen in different parts of the body such as the back of the knee and the upper arm. In long-term use of cortisone, skin cracks may appear deeper, wider and more widespread.

Which Creams Are Used for Skin Crack Treatment?

Substances that are known to be effective in the treatment of stretch marks can be effective by increasing collagen and elastin in the skin. Especially when creams containing vitamin A are used regularly for 3-6 months, it has been found to be quite effective. Since these creams can irritate the skin, they may need to be used every other day or on certain days of the week. Apart from vitamin A creams, creams with vitamin C, fruit acids, peptides, growth factors, stem cells and antioxidants can also be tried.

Which Lasers Are Used in Skin Crack Treatment?

Laser, light and radiofrequency treatments are very effective in skin cracks. Particularly, fractional laser and fractional radiofrequency provide the most effective treatments. How to treat stretch marks with fractional laser and radiofrequency? These treatments should be performed at least 4-6 sessions with an interval of 3-6 weeks. Treatment sessions can be increased according to the response received. What are the symptoms on the skin after crack treatment with fractional laser and radiofrequency? After the procedures, depending on the device and the area applied, there may be redness and crusting on the skin that lasts for 1-10 days. While applying laser and light systems, which are applied in skin cracks and are stated to be effective, caution should be exercised as dark-skinned people may have spots on the skin. It can be applied to any skin color with fractional radiofrequency.

What are the methods that treat stretch marks through skin regeneration?

Methods such as PRP-stem cells, mesolift, dermaroller, microdermabrasion and chemical peeling that renew the skin can be used in the treatment of cracks as they increase collagen and elastin. Much more successful results can be obtained by using these treatments together or alternately with laser-light-radiofrequency treatments. In general, they are methods without side effects.

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